Introduction to CAT 5

Welcome to version 5 of the Cardiac Anesthesia Textbook !

The implementation of CAT 5 is part of a project carried out by the Association pour un Enseignement en Anesthésie Cardiaque  (AEAC). Which includes 4 areas: renewal of the content and form of the website presented ; translation into English of the French text (see parts 14 and 15); collaboration with various medical societies and with the medical universities of Lausanne and Charleston (USA); fundraising.
Compared to the previous version, CAT 5 represents a complete update of all chapters and a one-third increase in volume, since its downloadable PDF version has just over 4,500 pages. It contains 29 chapters devoted to anesthesia in the field of heart disease and cardiac surgery, three of which concern transoesophageal echocardiography. It also includes PDF versions of three sets of documents: the downloadable form of all chapters, appendices to them, and a series of international recommendations related to cardiac anesthesia. Its new format,  "responsive", automatically adapts to the format of the reception screen, making it readable on  tablets or smartphones. 
The site was launched in October 2019, although some of its services are not yet functional. Indeed, the three chapters of transoesophageal echocardiography, the search engine for the index, and some videos are missing. These areas will be completed at a later date. An English version is planned, but for the moment only the two chapters concerning congenital diseases have been translated, through the Foundation Le petit cœur (Zurich) .  
Although based largely on the experience of their authors, these texts are not recipes. On the contrary, they aim to provide access to the pathophysiological, cardiological and surgical bases necessary to understand the events that take place in the operating room and to solve the hemodynamic problems that occur during an operation. Complemented by knowledge of the substances used in anesthesia, they must enable the anesthesiologist to design the optimal management of patients with a wide variety of pathologies. They must also provide the fundamental data necessary to manage complex circumstances or unexpected incidents that may occur at any time.
Knowledge is a common good. It is not a marketable commodity. It is normal that the experience acquired by older people should be passed on free of charge to those who can benefit from it. This is why this Textbook is completely free of charge. Therefore, it would also be welcome if readers could participate in its development by notifying us of any necessary corrections or by taking part in its drafting in their areas of excellence (Contact).
The   author's choice is clearly oriented towards sharing, in the same way as open source software. However, everyone can easily realize that the provision of a high-performance and content-rich site represents a considerable investment at the level of authors, assumed without advertising or sponsorship. In order to preserve its free nature, the survival of the Précis d'anesthésie cardiaque depends on the generosity of its readers, whom we invite to participate in our effort in the form of a contribution within their means (Donate). We would like to thank everyone for this.
Pierre-Guy Chassot      Editorial Manager
Nicolas Pierrel CAT 5   Project Coordinator